Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Read In, Black History Month Blog Hop, Blog Tours

Next month is the 23rd National African American Read In. This year I will be hosting an online read in with Edi from Crazy Quilts and Vasilly from 1330V. Today is the last day to head over to Vasilly's blog to vote.

In honor of Black History Month, there's going to be a Black History Month Hop hosted by Reflections of a Bookaholic and Mocha Girls Read.

Purpose: To give black authors, books and those who support them a month in the spotlight.
Before the hop the hosts site will open the link for entry. Your site can post anything related to the weeks topic. Your site must link to the host site and add the button to the post as well.

The Weekly Topics for the Black History Month Hop can be found here I am really looking forward to participating. Besides the Read In I can't wait to include my interview with Vaunda Micheaux Nelson about her newest release No Crystal Stair. I loved this starred Kirkus Review novel so much, which was illustrated by R. Gregory Christie.

Nelson sent me her answers today (very early) and she does a much better job of summarizing No Crystal Stair then I ever could.

"No Crystal Stair is a 15-year labor of love. It’s about two things near and dear to my heart -- books and family. It’s is the story of a remarkable man who was a pioneer in the struggle toward literary diversity, a pioneer in the efforts to make more African and African American literature available in America. The man was the Harlem Professor, Lewis Michaux, my great uncle. His National Memorial AfricanBookstore became a Harlem landmark -- a gathering place for scholars, politicians, activists,writers, artists, actors, and athletes -- until its closing in 1975."

Yesterday I finished Panther Baby by Jamal Joseph. Joesph joined the Black Panthers when he was 15. At 16 he was the youngest Black Panther arrested in the Panther 21 case in 1969.

There's a beautiful sensibility to the authors writing. This excellent adult memoir screams YA crossover. For much of the book Joseph is talking about his teen years as a Black Panther. Can't wait to review this one and link it to the hop. Read an excerpt, via publisher.

I have a change of heart regrading Blog Tours. In the past I was against them because I thought caused online overload for books on tour. Now I realize that authors have to do what they must to promote their novels. It's not easy for authors and its getting harder every day. Plus there are so many blogs it would be easy for an author to do a tour with little readership overlap.

My first interview of 2012 was with Jasmine Richards, was part of the author's blog tour for her wonderful debut The Book of Wonders. As is my second interview with Ashley Hope Perez. Perez's blog tour for The Knife and the Butterfly begins at Forever Young Adult on the 30th. I am glad I do not have to follow them. Their review is awesome and serious bonus points for slipping in a Golden Girl.

Another thing that helped change my opinion, are authors who show that not all blog tours are the same. Perez's blog tour schedule , she's visiting a lot of diverse blogs and thanks to the great teaser lines I know each day will offer up something new.

I managed to squeeze in four titles in this post, hopefully one has caught your eye. If not how about one of the six books in the African American Read In Poll


Joy Weese Moll said...

Thanks for co-hosting the African American Read-In. I'm looking forward to it! And thanks for the link to the Black History Month Blog Hop. That looks like a lot of fun, too, and I hadn't seen it until I saw it on your post.

Doret said...

Joy, Thanks so much for reposting everything so quckily on your blog

Ashley Hope PĂ©rez said...

Thanks for the kind words about the blog tour, Doret! It's my first time doing this as well, but one thing I like about it is that it lets me (a) vary the content on every single post and (b) create a kind of arc so that the reader has a fuller idea of the book by the end of the tour. We'll see if that's how it works.

And like you said, I hope that folks don't get sick of seeing me!

Doret said...

Ashley your blog tour looks well thought out and not look like your first one at all. Some authors have paid to get blog tours scheduled for them which do not like half as good.

Black History Month said...

I appreciate your writing style and way you describe you post. This is really a good blog post for Read-in books about Blask History Month.