Monday, July 25, 2011

WildCat Fireflies - Amber Kizer

WildCat Fireflies by Amber Kizer
This was one sequel I was very much looking forward to. The story begins where Meridian left off. Meridian and Tens have hit the road in search of more fenestra, who help people pass over. They are the angel link for the dying. Meridian is a fenestra, Tens is her protector. Meridian and Tens are searching for a young Fenestra who is being tracked by the Nocti. After endless days on the road the two find themselves in Carmel, Indiana.

Parallel to their story is Juliet's the girl they are looking for, she lives at Dunklebarger Rehabilitation Center. A poorly run institition for elderly and children's ages 6- 16. I could easily see the darkness surrounding Juliet and threating to kill her Fenestra spirit.

"Someone, something, else manipulated the greed and carless ambition of the headmistress to put handpicked children into the presence of death. Juliet Ambrose was approaching the end of her time at Dunklebarger. She remembered nothing from before her arrival there around her sixth birthday. Told by the headmistress that she was unwanted, neglected, and unloved, Juliet accepted abuse while trying to save those around her."

Fenestra's come into their full power when they turn 16. Meridian and Tens must find Juliet before her next birthday.

Every chapter is leading the reader towards something else. Yes, I know that sounds very basic but I consider it a skill. This is one of the few YA novels that over 500 pages that I didn't think was too long. Many times novels of this length have round about filler chapters, where the story simply stops moving. With sequels there's always the risk of author spending the first 50-100 pages summarizing the first book.

Kizer does none of this, I love how well this story moves. Many elements I enjoyed the first time around are back, including Meridian's inner dialogue. She and Tens work very well together. I like that they are unsure of themselves when it comes to this Fenestra vs Nocti battle and can admit it. Its nice to watch Meridian and Tens learn as they go and not magically understand everything. The author once created some very nice secondary characters. I truly appreciate the slow build of Meridian and Tens new found friends that are willing to stand up against the Nocti with them. I am just loving this series.

WildCat Firefiles can be read first but I highly recommend starting with Meridian, which is out in paperback.

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