Friday, July 29, 2011

Glida Joyce: The Bone of the Holy - Jennifer Allison

Gilda Joyce: The Bone of the Holy by Jennifer Allison
After Gilda's mother returns from a trip to St. Augustine, Fl. she's acting strange. Gilda uses are investigative talents to learn about her mother's engagement. The wedding is going to be in St. Augustine, a city with a long history of ghost connections. Glida is excited about the ghost tours but not the quick wedding. Her feeling of unease continues the house of her soon to be step father is haunted. Gilda keeps seeing glimpses of a woman in white.

The more time Glida spends studying ghosts the easier it is for her to feel their presence. In St. Augustine, Glida meets 12 yr old Darla, who has a natural talent to communicate with ghost. Darla wants nothing to do them. Gilda helps Darla establish boundaries and control the fear. Gilda enlists Darla's assistant to solve the mystery of the woman in white.

This is the fifth book in the Gilda Joyce series,I loved it as such as the others. The author simply brings it every single time, like a professional. The Bones of the Holy had a nice edge of darkness to it and the mystery is well thought out. This can be read and enjoyed as a stand alone. However, I highly recommand starting from the beginning.

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Someone seriously has to proofread and edit these entries. This one was particularly bad due to the typos and grammatically incorrect sentences. These mistakes really drag down the review and the reviewer.