Sunday, July 18, 2010

On Sale Now :New Releases

I don't have any on going features. Since the people haven't spoken, I simply post on whims Though this is the second week I've highlighted releases featuring kids of color. I figure two more week I can call it a feature.

Ling & Ting: Not Exactly the Same! by Grace Lin - I loved Lin's Newbery Honor book Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. I am looking forward to reading her first early reader. There aren't enough early readers that feature kids of color.

Recently many people were upset with the cover change of Cindy Pon's YA debut Silver Phoneix. Because of poor sales the Asian girl on the cover was removed. The paperback cover was Whitewashed. Its not enough to scream after the fact that you will support covers with kids of cover on them. So please go ahead and look for, buy and support Ling &Ting. Speaking with our wallets is the only way diversity will continue. And I want to see more early readers with kids of color.

Around Our Way on Neighbor's Day by Tameka Fryer Brown illus. by Charlotte Riley-Webb

This is Brown's picture book debut. In the description on Amazon oxtail stew is being cooked up. That makes me happy, hungry and very interested. ( I wonder if they had plantains to go with the Oxtails)
The picture book market is not very good right now. So if you want Around Our Way on Neighbor's Day, chances are you will have to order it at your local bookstore. If you want the book, don't let that stop you from buying it.

Mali Under the Night Sky: A Lao Story of Home by Youme Landowne

New Girl in Town (Liberty Porter First Daughter) by Julia DeVillers - This is the second book in the Liberty Porter series. I've gotten around to reading the first book yet. Though I will give this series a go now, after reading the excerpt

Sellout by Ebony Joy Wilkins - Ari's review

What Momma Left Me by Renee Watson Ari's review

New in Paperback

A Perfect Season for Dreaming by Benjamin Alire Saenz

Shine, Coconut Moon by Neesha Meminger

Bobby vs. Girls (Accidentally) by Lisa Yee

Here are my rules that can change at any moment for this possible weekly feature. Chances are I will miss new releases, when I do I will showcase them the following week. I will also only show the paperbacks of books I loved or author I love. If can't find enough new releases, I will skip a week.


middle grade ninja said...

Happy to have found your blog. Am always looking for good books.

Doret said...

Middle Grade Ninja - always happy to have new visitors.

MissA said...

I like this not-yet-a-feature. It's quite helpful. Liberty Porter sounds like a cute serious. I like that there are now two books where the First Daughter is a POC, Liberty Porter series and Mitali Perkins' First Daughter series :)