Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Orange Peel's Pocket - Rose Lewis, Grace Zong

Orange Peel's Pocket by Rose Lewis illus. by Grace Zong
The other day I read 5 new picture books, this was my favorite by a very wide margin. Chan Ming's nickname is Orange Peel because she always tired to eat the orange peel instead of the orange when she was little.

Chan Ming's Kindergarten class is learning about China. Chan Ming's classmates begin asking her questions about China. Chang Ming doesn't know anything about the country she was born in. Adopted when she was a baby, Chang Ming has always lived in America.

This is a wonderful story about a young girl learning about her birth country. Chan Ming and her mother visit many local Chinese business owners. The first person they visit is Mr. Fan the Tailor. Everyone tells Chan Ming something about China that is related to their craft.

"This is made from very special silk", he said. "The best silk comes from China because the silkworms there spin a special thread found nowhere else in the world"

When Chang Ming and her mother leave each shop, the shop owners slip a little suprise into her pocket.

Orange Peel gently felt the smooth silk and smiled. She thanked Mr. Fan, and as she was saying good bye, he secretly slipped something into Orange Peel's pocket.

Chang Ming eventually finds all of this wonderful gifts. They are perfect for show and tell, Chang Ming plans to tell her classmates everything she knows about her birth country.

Lewis has written a beautiful story, with a great natural flow. This is Grace Zong's first time illustrating a picture book. This will be the first of many. I loved the illustrations. Zong uses rich warm colors and captures everyone's facial expressions. I couldn't help but smile at everyone's happiness. ages 4up

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Tarie Sabido said...

Thanks so much for this book recommendation, Doret. This looks great!!