Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance - Cheryl Willis Hudson, Eric Velasquez

My Friend Maya Loves to Dance by Cheryl Willis Hudson illus. Eric Velasquez

First time we see Maya, she's in the ballet studio. Maya's in various poses, accompanied by short text.

"My friend Maya loves to leap." "She bends at the knees." "Never misses a beat."

Hudson has written a lovely story, with great rhythm. Maya loves all different types of dance from ballet to tap. I love that Maya's ballet class has girls and boys. At the end we learn that Maya's best friend is in a wheelchair. Velasquez beautiful illustrations make this book stand out even more. His attention to detail is amazing. I pretty much love anything Velasquez illustrates.
My Friend Maya Love to Dance is a wonderful story of a girl who loves to dance, as told by a best friend.

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My daughters (ages 8 and 5) love this book! It is lovingly written and illustrated.