Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guys Lit Wire 2010 Book Fair

On Wednesday April 7th, GuysLitWire annonuced Operation Teen Book Drop

After the impressive success of last year's Book Fair for Boys that saw over 600 books sent to the LA County Detention Center, GLW has teamed up with the Readergirlz, YALSA and If I Can Read, I Can Do Anything, (A national reading club for Native American children) for another book fair event to get books to students enrolled at Ojo Encino Day School and Alchesay High School. You can read more at the Readergirlz and the ALA about the massive effort to get books from publishers to multiple reservation school libraries across the country, but for GLW it is all about two wishlists for these two schools and a plan to build on our success from last year by making a difference for a lot of teens who could use our help.

There are a lot of kids that need books in America - heck there are kids all over the world who need books. And while the news of the latest e-reader or publisher shakeups or outrageous advance to a political or celebrity writer makes readers everywhere wonder if books still matter, it only takes a few minutes worth of research about life for the average Native American teen on the reservation to realize that they are important, perhaps more now than ever. Books are power - we are all book lovers and we know that; most of us learned it when we were kids. Books showed us worlds like our own, as well as places we could not imagine. They taught us how to cope, gave us big ideas to ponder and dared us to dream great futures.

For the next two weeks the wishlist for Ojo Encino Day School and Alchesay High School can be found at To view the wishlist, click on wishlist located at the upper right corner at than enter in the your friends email address box. All other information about how and where to send the donations can be found here.

These list weren't made out the blue. Both schools were consulted. So, if can afford to please donate a book, it will find its way to some readers who really want it. If you can't, spreading the word doesn't cost a thing. You never know who might be paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

I've got to post this! I remember this from last year and I think it's one of the best annual activities in the teen blogging community