Sunday, April 4, 2010

Nikki & Deja: The Newsy News Newsetter Karen English

Nikki and Deja: The Newsy News Newsletter by Karen English illus by Laura Freeman
The best friends Nikki and Deja decide to start a newsletter and report the interesting things that happen on their block and at school.

Everyone loves the first newsletter. The following week is slow on news, Nikki and Deja jump to conclusions and print a lot of things that aren't true. Deja's aunt Dee, helps the girls understand why what they did was wrong.

I loved the first two books in this series Nikki and Deja and Nikki and Deja: Birthday Blues. This one was just okay for me. The author sold me on Nikki and Deja in the first book, so I still highly recommend this early chapter series

Read an excerpt from book one.

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