Friday, April 23, 2010

Chavela and the Magic Bubble - Monica Brown, Magaly Morales

Chavela and the Magic Bubble by Monica Brown illus. Magaly Morales
This book is fun, gorgeous and colorful. Chavela is very close to her grandmother, loves chewing gum (chicle) and making big bubbles. She can make bubbles in the shape of animals.

"On Saturdays, Chavela and her grandmother would split a piece of gum and go shopping on Market Street. Chavela's abuelita would tell her stories about the quiet town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where she grew up. One morning Abuelita was telling Chavela about the beautiful rainforest and the bird and the butterflies that lived there, when Chavela blew a big bubble shaped like a butterfly! "Bravo!" said Abuelita. "

Chavela chews a magic piece of chicle and flies to the Yucatan jungles. She meets the chicleros
who harvest the sweet fruit from sapodilla trees to make chewing gum. Chavela is welcomed by the children. Chavela goes on a wonderful adventure. There is a very nice unexpected surpise at the end.

Brown's text is beautiful as always. I am pretty sure Brown is blessed with an illustrator fairy. Once again, she is matched up with an artist whose style is perfect for this story. Morales is very skilled with . You will be wowed. It's beautiful.

The text curves. Whenever the word bubble appears its bold and in color. All of this makes for a very visually fun book. A great read aloud choice.


evelyn.n.alfred said...

I need a piece of this magic gum.

Doret said...

Me too

Jeannine said...

You always post great picks. Thanks for keeping us in the know.