Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pledge, Spread The Word, There's Still Time

Tu Publishing is a new small independent mutlicutural SFF press for Children and Young Adults. Stacy Whitman is the Editorial Director and founder.

Fantasy has been big in children's literature for years, yet there is still a lack of diversity. Every child deserves the chance to see themselves as the hero, the defender, the traveller, the wizard, or the one who holds the magic.

Tu Publishing wants to succeed were the larger publishers have failed . In order to get off the ground Tu Publishing is running a KickStarter campaign. Their goal is $10,000 by Monday Nov. 14. 1 Am Est.

I am late with this post, so they're very close to meeting the goal. So please go over and get Tu Publishing that much closer, you can pledge as little as a $1.00. Pledge Now

And of course its free to click off to see what Tu Publishing has to offer.


Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing this; I just pledged. Sounds exciting.

Doret said...

Thanks Laurie. I can't wait to see what comes out of TU Publishing

Anonymous said...

exciting news, doret! thanks for posting.