Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gracias/Thanks Pat Mora John Parra

Gracias/Thanks by Pat Mora illus by John Parra
This is a wonderful bilingual picture book about a boy giving thanks. He thanks everything from the sun that wakes him up in the morning to the crickets that serende him to sleep. I love Parra's colorful illustrations. This is one of those books, I appreicated more the second time around. I rushed through it the first time and missed it simple beauty, and now its all I see.

I am going to try something new. From now on when I review a bilingual picture book. I will say a few sentences in Spanish. Anyone who speaks Spanish feel free to correct me in the comment box . Or leave suggestions of other things I could've said.

Gracias/Thanks es un excelente libro ilustrado. Nino dice gracias de todas. Encantas del coloride ilustraciones. Los colores templado gusta primavera.


Mardel said...

I'm not very good with spanish myself, so I'm guessing you wrote something about liking the colors of the illustrations? Props on being brave enought to put it out there! :)

Doret said...

Thanks Mardel

Your guess would be correct. Next time I am going to try for four sentences.

Anonymous said...

You're doing better than me, Doret. I"m a Pocha and a Tex-Mex on top of that so I'm wiht Mardel and figure you're talking about the illustrations. Good for you. Your more corageous than I. Great Job!
Jo Ann Hernandez
BronzeWord Latino Book Tours