Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I So Don't Do Spooky Barrie Summy (Part I)

I So Don't Do Spooky by Barrie Summy
This is the second book, in the I So Don't series. I really enjoyed I So Don't Do Mysteries. my review. After reading I So Don't Do Spooky, my like of this series is quickly turning into love.

13 yr old Sherry Holmes Baldwin mother is ghost. Sherry's mom was a cop killed in the line duty. Now she's a member of the Academy of Spirits, an organization that teaches ghost to protect the living. Sherry helps her mother solve cases. She can't see her mother but can speak to her. Sherry grandfather who has been reincarnated as a wren is also a member the team.
For their second case, they must find out who is stalking Sherry's stepmother Polly aka the Ruler and her math teacher.

There are several suspects to keep the reader guessing. Sherry even has to go undercover. When there's evidence that the stalker was too close to the house, Sherry must keep an eye on the Ruler at all times. Sherry's mom is also competing in the ghostlympics. If she wins her event the prize is 5 minutes of real time. Sherry could she her mom again.

The author has created a wonderful protagonist in Sherry Holmes Baldwin. She's like everyone else she just happens to communicate with her ghost mom. Other then that Sherry deals with the same things as other girls. Her life doesn't stop because of a case. Sherry still has homework to do, tests to study for, an anniversary to celebrate, a girl who wants her boyfriend and a best friend to hang out with and outfits to accessorize.

I love Sherry's voice. Sherry and her best friend Junie go to the Ruler's old school for clues.

"Skateboard parks are always a hotbed of gossip. Seriously. If you're like in France or somewhere foreign and you need the scoop on a middle, go immediately to the nearest skate park. We walk over and peer through the chain link fence. Two guys are in there, totally decked out in padding and helmets. One has a white helmet with black skulls and crimson eyes. Very fake-o tough. The other guy's helmet is solid blue. Very Wal-mart. They're really into their boards. These are fanatical skateboarders who probably have lousy grades and a reputation for ditching class a bunch and wearing only name brand skate clothes. We have them at my school too. I've heard they don't make reliable boyfriends."

I So Don't Do Spooky is so much fun. When I read a series, I love when an author gives more, when the next book is better than the last. Summy does just that with I So Don't Do Spooky. Fans of I So Don't Do Myteries will love it.

Come back tomorrow for Part II, my interview with the author and give away.


Bee said...

I'm definitely ordering this book for my 11 year old. She enjoyed the first one a lot.

I think that all avid readers enjoy a series. It's so nice to be able to look forward to more of what you like (or love)!

Barrie said...

Thanks for the lovely review! And how nice to see Bee over here! :)