Thursday, December 31, 2009

Perfect Shot Debbie Rigaud

Perfect Shot by Debbie Rigaud

I love when a book gives exactly what it promises with good writing and no unnecessary tricks like out of the blue Vampires. Perfect Shot was such a joy to read. If I had known I was going to enjoy it has much as I did, I would've read it sooner.

15 yr old London is a volleyball star. She's working part time at an art store to raise money for volleyball summer camp. A guy (Brent) catches London's attention at the art store. She soons finds herself accidentally entering a modeling competition to catch Brent's attention, a photography intern.

London doesn't feel like she fits in with the other girls. Rigaud does a great job of developing and creating a very likable character in London. Yes, she's tall and beautiful but she's still unsure because of all the name calling in middle school. So its easy why London would feel insecure around the other contestants. Plus, London is more sporty than fashion. It's her best friend Pam that has the eye for fashion.

London's biggest competition is an old frenemy, Kelly. I loved the contest. Think, Next Top Model but online with believable challenges. The Perfect Shot was a whole lot of fun to read. I laughed out loud many times.

Perfect Shot is a part of Simon & Schuster's Romantic Comedy series. It's the first one that features Black characters. It's was so nice to read a light, fun and well written YA book with characters of color. Ages 11 up. Only $6.99

While reading Perfect Shot, I thought of Love at First Click by Elizabeth Chandler. Another great Sports & Boys (S&B) chick lit read.

There's also The Ex Games (snowboarding) by Jennifer Echols

Sports & Boys chick lit is a beautiful thing.

Read the first chapter and second chapter of Perfect Shot


MissA said...

I agree, it was nice to reading a book with nothing unexpected, predictable in a good way (haha love your vampires comment, I feel the samw way. No paranormal suprise elements!). I also liked how the challenges were creative and yet realistic. London was a good character.
So far I've had good luck with books titled perfect (perfect shot, perfect chemistry). Hope that good luck continues!
Happy New Year :D

Debbie Rigaud said...

Wow! And yay! Reading this review today is a great way to kick off this new year. Thank you, Doret, for reading PERFECT SHOT and featuring it on your awesome blog. I'm so excited that you enjoyed the read! :-)

Doret said...

I keep hearing good things about Perfect Chemistry. Will have to check it out.

Debbie- Thanks for stopping by Perfect Shot is a great book.