Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enter to win a John Green Novel - Watch It Travel

Edi is an Indianapolis librarian and a blogger friend. Her school was selected to take part

Pass The Book On Sept 29, Edi mentioned this exciting news on her blog Crazy Quilts.

The following is from that initial post.

"This Friday, 500 John Green books will be distributed through public libraries in Indianapolis and in five public high schools. My high school is one of the five chose to participate!! So, we’ll receive 7 books, go to the website, and for each book the first reader will log in their name, zip code and if they like a photo and review as well. When they finish reading, they will PASS THE BOOK and follow its trail on the ‘net. One book is already on the way to Greece! I’ll post the numbers for the books that make it to my school, maybe we can follow their progress together. The program runs through March, but I assume it will continue for quite a while! I think we’re the first library system to try this. My students were so excited about participating that they gave me their numbers so that i can text them when the books come in! Looks like a great way to improve literacy!"

The books have arrived.
"I have one of the books for one of my readers! So, if you’d like to read one of the John Green books and then PASS IT ON, how about giving me the name of the book you’d like in the comment section no later than midnight TUESDAY 13 OCTOBER" so go enter and if you win it will be very cool to watch the book you read travel the world.

If someone not familiar with John Green enters giveaway, thinking what the hell may as well try. If you are such a person and happen to win go with Paper Towns.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Doret!

Doret said...

Edi, if people enter the giveaway because they saw this than you can thank me.

Anonymous said...

Well, Susan entered, so THANKS!!!!

Really, your support means a lot!