Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lone Bean - Chudney Ross

Lone Bean by Chudney Ross
I couldn't resist reading this middle grade debut thanks to its very adorable cover.  Bean is excited about the start of third grade, but has a very bad first day.  Carla, the best friend, no longer wants to be friends. Bean feels left out when Carla starts hanging out with Sam, another girl in their class.   Bean is the youngest of three girls. Her older sister's Rose and Gardenia never have time to play with her.  Bean also has a flower name but doesn't like to use it.

 At school Bean  trying very hard to find a new best friend.  Bean's dad  is a music professor and he wants all his daughters to play an instrument of their choosing and it is now time for Bean to pick hers. The Lone Bean was an enjoyable read. Bean is a fun new character a lot of little girls will love.  This is a good debut.  I am looking forward to seeing where the author takes this series.  Ross has started with a very strong  foundation, there is already a lot to like and I can see them getting better with time.   

 Over the last few years there have been more early chapter series featuring Black girls, like Keena Ford  by Thomson, Dyamonde Daniel  by Ford, Sugar Plum Ballerinas by Goldberg. However just passed this reading level there are not a lot of books featuring Black girls.  So Lone Bean helps fill a very large gap and would be a nice addition to any library.


Unknown said...

Definitely adding this one to my TBR list!

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The cover is indeed cute. Being left out by friends feels so bad, most kids go through this. This causes trust issues. Kids then find it hard to make friends so they rather end up being alone in school.