Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Texas Gothic - Rosemary Clement-Moore

Texas Gothic by Rosemary Clement-Moore
Amy Goodnight will be ranch sitting for her aunt Hyancith with her old sister Phin.  All the Goodnight women are practicing witches with the exception of Amy.  After a near death run in with a ghost when she was younger Amy does her best to stay clear of all things magical even though its in her blood.   Amy has her hands full with her aunt's ranch; the goats keep escaping and climbing the trees and there are rumors that a ghost is terrorizing a nearby farm.  Amy is tasked with solving the mystery, the first step is to figure out if the ghost that has attached itself to her is the same one that is causing all the damage on the other farm.

 This novel was so much fun. It has all the right elements.  Beginning with strong writing, continuing to great character chemistry and dialogue, with a dash of mystery and ghosts on top.  I love longer novels that seem smaller then they are.  Texas Gothic is 406 but it felt like 300, I was very much engaged from beginning to end.   This is the first time I've read Clement-Moore, (all thanks do to the interview the author did at Finding Wonderland) and I will definitely be reading more.  Texas Gothic was released in 2011 so there's a good chance it is at your local library, that's where I got my copy. The paperback comes out in August, though it is very much hardcover worthy, if you rather not wait and buy it now. 

An excerpt