Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Two Grandads by Floella Benjamin - Margaret Chamberlain

My Two Grandads by Floella Benjamin illus. by Margaret Chamberlain
Aston loves his grandads and the music they play. Grandad Harry from England plays the trumpet. Grandad Roy from Trinidad plays the steel drums. Aston's spends a lot of time with them learning how to play each instrument.

On first glance I thought this text heavy story would be better as an early reader . Though once I read it I loved the fullness of a picture book for this story. When the band that was suppose to play at Aston's school cancels, he turns to his grandads for help. This is a very fun story, on almost every page Aston and his grandads are smiling. The parents are in a few spreads as well. Benjamin does an excellent job of making this feel like a family. Chamberlain's beautiful, open, light, and expressive illustrations compliment the text very well.

It's difficult to find picture books that feature a biracial character. So it was very nice to discover My Two Grandads. I absolutely love that the story is never about identity. It's all about Ashton's love of his grandads and music. Ashton is simply Ashton.

The fact that this picture book is from across the pond, and includes lines like - Can I have a go? or Well, you're a big lad now, so I think you'll have enough puff ", make it that much cooler.

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rhapsodyinbooks said...

Me too - love seeing more books with mixed families!