Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Bear Griz - Suzanne McGinness

My Bear Griz by Suzanne McGinness
Billy and Griz go on a lot of fun adventures. When I was working at a bookstore, I always had a difficult time finding picture books to recommend for young listeners between 1 -3yrs old. My Bear Griz is perfect for this age group.

The text is short and the font is large - "We like to go exploring" or "Griz is a great listener. We like to share secret"

"We like to go exploring" is the only text on one page. -"Griz is a great listener. We like to share secrets", its the only time two sentences are on one page.

Not combining the short text makes this story that much for ideal for young listeners. The text and illustrations blend together very well. Griz takes of the whole page in almost every spread adding to the wow factor. Griz looks as adorable as his name. McGinness use of color is great, I especially enjoyed the crayola inspired trees. I love this very sweet story that encourages imagination. The surprise ending is great.

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