Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Midnight Gate - Helen Stringer

The Midnight Gate by Helen Stringer
This was one sequel I was really looking forward to reading. I loved the first book, Spellbinder. Set two months later, Belladonna and Steve have gone back to their normal routines. Belladonna is still the quiet girl with no friends and Steve continues not to pay attention in class.

Belladonna lives with her ghost parents. On paper she resides with her grandmother. It works well until some informs the authorities Belladonna is living alone and her grandmother goes missing.

After a field trip to a Fenchurch Abbey, Belladonna and Steve realize their talents are needed again. Belladonna caretakers, The Proctors seem nice but Belladonna soon wonders how much she can trust them. Forcing Belladonna to keep the mission a secret.

It's nice to watch Belladonna and Steve grow into their roles. Belladonna is the spellbinder and Steve her protector.The elements I enjoyed in the first book are present again. Belladonna, Steve and the ghost Elsie still have good chemistry, making for some great dialogue.

This is a wonderful sequel and best enjoyed in order. So I highly recommend reading Spellbinder first.

Read chapter one via feiwel and friends

As an added bouns chapter one of Spellbinder. I loved the hardcover edition. The new paperback edition is nice as well, and I think it will attract a larger audience.

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