Friday, April 8, 2011

Fury of the Phoenix - Cindy Pon

Fury of the Phoenix by Cindy Pon
This is the sequel to the author's debut Silver Phoenix which I loved. So I was really looking forward to reading Fury of the Phoenix, and seeing Ai Ling the main character again.

Fury of the Phoenix alternates between the past and the present. In the present, Ai Ling, believes Chen Yong life is in danger. Ai Ling sneaks on the ship Chen Yong taking bound to Jiang Dao, in search of his birth father.

In the past, Zhong Ye a young eunuch, trying to gain standing in the palace. Zhong Ye comes for a poor farming family, he wants to become the kings most trusted advisor. In Silver Phoneix Zhong Ye is the villain, this time we get to see him, before he's corrupted. In the present Zhong Ye is in hell, but he's still connected to and haunts Ai Ling's spirit. She must figure out a way to be rid of Zhong Ye forever.

Ai Ling and Chen Yong still have a chemistry. It's one of the stories strengths. In the past, we get to meet Silver Phoneix the woman who loved a young Zhong Ye. Their love was beautiful. Pon allows the reader to see how much Silver Phoenix meant to Zhong Ye. It's easy to see how Zhong Ye could go bad after losing her.

Fury of the Phoenix is as visually decription as Silver Phoenix. The first book had more action. I loved all the action and was looking forward to more of it in Fury of the Phoenix. Out of the two, Silver Phoenix is my favorite. Though in the end I was happy with Fury of the Phoenix. I also have much respect for an author that challenges themselves to bring something different to a sequel.


Jodie said...

I just finished this one and I'm totally in love with it individually, but I think they work really well as a pair. Silver has all the action and development, Fury has the historical backstory (the lack of which really annoyed me about Silver, guess I should learn to trust my authors and know if something that big is missing it's because the author has plans) and the romance.

Have you heard anythin about a third book or is this the end?

Doret said...

The two do work well as a pair. I think this is the last one in the Phoenix series.