Sunday, April 10, 2011

Book Changes & Lisa Yee Ends My Slump

I've made a few changes on my blog recently. I've placed my interviews on the sidebar, so people can actually find them. Still working on making reviews easier to access. I am considering putting up ads as well. Just not sure if a enough people will click on the ads to make it worth it

I also made the switch from shelfari to goodreads. A few weeks ago the shelfari books displayed on my blog, were not the books I was currently reading. I quickly ran a virus scan to be on the safe side. Nothing was found, figured it was just a glitch. So I fixed the shelf, a day later it was wrong again. So, I moved my library to goodreads and lost about 60 books in the transfer but still happy I did it.

I was in a serious book slump last week. I didn't follow all of my rules

1. If I like a book I won't mention what I am currently reading in passing online. After I would say how much I was enjoying a book, it would turn on me. It took me about four or five books to learn my lesson but I finally did. - This is the only one I followed.

2. When starting a new book, I will leave the house with two. I started doing this after being on the train or waiting in line one too many times with a bad book. I've learned that if I have no choice and a long wait, chances are the one book I have is going to be bad. But if I have two, both will be good.

3. Do not pick up books I have high expectations for when in a slump. This is the last time I break this rule. I've learned my lesson.

Thank you to Lisa Yee for ending my bad book run with Standford Wong Flunks Big Time It was so good

Edi recently reviewed Yee's newest release Warp Speed. After reading it I decided to pick up the copy of Stanford Wong, I had lying around. So thank you to Edi as well.


Charlotte said...

I like your rules lots, Doret! They are all so, so, true!

Kaethe said...

When I'm in a slump I find that short books help break it: especially MG and graphic novels.

Anonymous said...

So glad to oblige!

Sounds like you're coming off a serious slump. I look for tried and true authors when I'm in a slump, or an easy, breezy romance!

Lisa Yee said...

Honored to be the one to end your slump!

Doret said...

Charlotte - thanks, I just have to remember to follow them.

Kaethe - graphic novels are probably a great way to break a slump.

Thanks again Edi and Lisa.

Marjorie said...

Your post made me smile - especially the rule about taking more than one book... And I'm glad you've put your interviews in the sidebar - I've just spotted one I want to read right now...