Saturday, October 16, 2010

Break for the Weekend/ My Princess Boy

National Hispanic Heritage Month ended yesterday on Oct 15 though my Latino author feature will continue on Monday @ 9am. I decided to break for the weekend. Also this week, I will be posting my on sale now, new releases featuring kids of color on Sunday, instead of Tuesday. To make room for the ongoing feature.

I had planned to fill this post with a lot of miscellaneous items, aka filler. That was until I checked my email. Author Zetta Elliott, put this wonderful picture book - My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis on my radar. Kilodavis decided this book after she realized her younger son, enjoyed dressing up in girls clothes.

From the excerpt - To all the Princess Boys in the World, You are loved
Thank you for teaching us how to appreciate your uniqueness.
As a community, we can accept and support our children for whomever
They are and however they wish to look

Due watch this great interview with Mother and son. Father and brother are in the audience and are just as supportive.

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