Monday, March 29, 2010

The Song of the Whales Uri Orlev

The Song of the Whales by Uri Orlev trans. by Hillel Halkin
Michael and his parents move to Israel to be closer to his ailing grandfather. Michael doesn't like to do the things other nine year boys like to do. He has no interest in sports, video games or TV. He prefers to spend time around adults. Michael instantly connects with his grandfather. One night Michael's grandfather lets him in on a secret. He can travel through dreams. Michael begins to go on night time adventures with his grandfather.

Song of the Whales is a slim beautifully written novel. I thought it was nice that Michael wasn't worried or embarrassed that he had no interest in what other boys his age did. He had his own hobbies and interest. I loved Michael's relationship with grandfather. Micheal has the same gift to navigate dreams and help a dreamer like his grandfather.

Michael's grandfather is a vegetarian. There were a moments in the book when I thought the author stepped over the line talking up vegetarianism. I do wish the grandfather was nicer to his helper Madame Saupier. There was a time when he used to take her into his dreams.

In the end I really enjoyed Song of the Whales, the writing and story are very good. I am always fond of books touch upon dreams. I loved that the characters are Jewish and the novels set in Israel and its not about the Holocaust. I've been wanting to do this write up for awhile but I waited. I figured today was the day, since its the first day of Passover . Song of the Whales comes out April 12. ages 10up

When I did a quick search for reviews of The Song of the Whales, I came across more on Uri Orlev . I found it very interesting. It talks a little about the fantasy genre in Isreal

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