Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ruby Booker Trivia Queen 3rd Grade Supreme Derrick Barnes

Trivia Queen, 3rd Grade Supreme by Derrick D. Barnes
This is the second book in the Ruby and the Booker Boys series. Ruby Booker is in third grade. She has three older brothers at school she does her best not to be the forgotten Booker girl. Ruby Booker is a smart with her own sense of style from her mismatched sneakers to her backpack that's in the shape of a guitar case.

Ruby loves trivia. Ruby's school is having an animal trivia contest. Winner gets season passes to the Zoo for their entire grade. Ruby is youngest contestant. she is up against four other students, including two of her older brothers.

Ruby is a very likable character. The author takes the time to develop the whole Booker family. When Ruby doubts if she's good enough to compete, her parents support and encourage, helping Ruby to believe in her talent. This series is so well done and a lot of fun to read. I love it.

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Recently, I learned that the Ruby Booker series is in trouble. If there isn't an increase in sales in book 3 Slumber Party Payback and 4 Ruby Flips For Attention scholastic may not release the next books in the series. I was sadden by this news but not surprised. I am sure books one and two were carried by Indie's and Chain bookstore. I am also sure in a lot of the stores the titles were simply shelved never to be displayed. Sometimes its not enough for a bookstore to carry a book especially when the titles get little to no promotion.

Yes, I know every book can't be displayed. However, I do believe every effort should be made to have visual diversity. I am referring to books featuring boys as well as kids of color.

Ruby and the Booker Boys is a early chapter series. Ages 7up. In this age category, publishers seem to target girls who love fairies or all things pink.

I wish publishers would catch a clue, boys read too and not all girls love fairies. Some would rather read about, a smart fact loving girl like Ruby Booker

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