Friday, December 5, 2008

Holiday Venting

This holiday season is going pretty good so far but there are still a few things that make me want to scream

I hate when customers come up to the service desk and get huffy because they have to wait. Its not like the staff is standing around talking to each other no we are helping customer running around mutlitasking. I really hate it when these impatient customers try to bully us into finishing up with a customer by closing in on our personal space. You rude MF back the F up. Or when they scream does any body work here. I need some service. You're going to get some piss ass service now. You impatient prick

I hate when customers don't have their method of payment ready. They slow down the line, and the other customers start giving me the evil eye because the lines stopped. How hard is it to have a credit card, cash or check out. It gets worse when a check isn't filled out or a check writer wants to balance their check book right in front of my register. (Puff Puff Give MF you had your turn now move on)

I am so over customers asking if Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer is in paperback yet. And no I will not check. For those of you who aren't around books all the time. Novels usually follow a certain formula. Hardbacks are out for year give or take a month depending on how they sell, then the paperback edition comes out. If its a series like Meyer's Twilight books, once the new one comes out the one prior is usually released in paperback. However, this is not a strict rule, if the publishers can still make money on the hardcover they will delay the release of the paperback. So even through Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Saga came out earlier this year Eclipse the third book is still only in hardcover. Every single day someone will ask is Eclipse n paperback. And it wouldn't be so bad if they believed me when I said no. Why would I lie? Or didn't ask me why. I have no idea, I don't have any inside contacts.

I hate when customers who aren't holiday shopping want to bi*ch about how busy it is. The holiday season is the same time every year. If you don't do the holidays and hate the lines wait until January to shop.

I hate customers who want a gift receipt for a $2.99 bargain book. Really, I mean come on really a gift receipt for a $3 book, I just don't get that.

Misc Rants

"But it was reviewed in the paper." And that's why we're sold out. And no we don't have any in the back. I hate when customers who only shop the children's section once a year won't listen to any suggestions when we're sold out of a reviewed book they were looking for. And yes it was probably a very good book and thats why it was reviewed and sold out. But we still have some very nice books. "No, I came in specifically for this book because it was reviewed in the paper." "I can't believe you don't have it" This customer likes to repeat it was reviewed in the paper every five sentences, like its going to make the book magically appear. If it did I'd probably hide it.

"I am looking for children's classics like Mark Twain for a nine yr old." Mark Twain is not a children's classic. Its a classic yes but children's classic, no. If the kid doesn't drop out before high school they will read Twian. When I suggest Hatchet or Phantom Tollbooth I get the eww whats that look. I want to say MF they're freakin children's classic.

To be continued


Bam-Bam said...

Ugh, the one that gets me is complaining about the line when we tell them you can't pay upstairs. It's Xmas, people. I think they're implying I should go downstairs and fix it.

Doret said...

Yea I don't get that either. They stand there arguing about the line they could've been half way to check out already.

Toni Campbell said...

Stop making me re-live it!

Doret said...

I'm sorry

Carleen Brice said...

Oh baby. I worked in a bookstore. I feel you! I used to love the people who would say, "I'm looking for a book...." and then wait for you to say something. I always wanted to scream EVERYBODY in here is looking for a book! Be more specific!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Um, yeah...getting huffy about waiting your turn...can you say spoiled?

Claudia said...

"I'm looking for a blue book with a red stripe..."

LOL, this was one of the jokes among the staff at the Waldenbooks where I worked way back when. And I actually got serious questions like this!

Thanks for visiting my blog, Doret! I'm enjoying browsing your posts and I plan to come back often.