Friday, December 5, 2008

I Am So Over My anti picture book

I am so over books featuring penquins. Ever since the March of Penquins movie, they've been very popular. Penguins are very cute but the world is filled with many animals. Can't zebras, seals, hippos, baboons or kangaroos get some love?

I am so over Pink picture books for girls. I have to bite my tongue when customers ask for these books.

I am so over Pop up Books. Every holiday season four or five pop up books come out. I am like enough already. I always get customers who want to talk about them. "These books are always so amazing. Look at all the detail." I really don't want to hear how amazing these pop ups are, just buy the books. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't happen 5 or 6 times a week

The other day a new picture book came in that had 2 out of the 3 things I am so over. Pink! Its a pink penquin. (lovely) It's probably a very nice book but since its my anti picture book I won't be reading it anytime soon.

I am going to risk looking foolish here (if no one responds) and post a question. What is your anti book and why?


teacherninja said...

I Love You Forever

Rainbow Fish

The Giving Tree

blech. ack. puke.

Bam-Bam said...

Yeah, Jim! I Love You Forever is such a weird book. My current hatred is Elf on the Shelf (and the hideous video we're required to play).

Doret said...

I love you forever is another one I have to bite my tongue on when customers say its such a sweet story. I am still waiting for a customer to come in to say they like it because it such a ridiculous story. I heard Muncsh intended it to be a satire

I actually like the Giving Tree. Though I can tottally understand why people hate it. That was one greedy/selfish little boy/man. If I reread it with that in mind I may not like it anymore.

And thanks guys no I don't feel so foolish.

Claudia said...

I feel you on those penguins. My "Anti-Picture Book" would include any so-called children's book based on a movie that is clearly not for young children. This is especially the case for comic book movies - which are often PG-13 or R. Who's idea is it to make young kids book tie-ins for The Dark Knight with its nightmarishly, horrifying Joker? Or Pirates of the Caribbean? It doesn't make sense to me.

And now that my two-year-old has discovered Dora, she is on my anti-book list as well. They will slap her face on ANYTHING!!!!