Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Brothers Torres Coert Voorhees

The Brothers Torres by Coert Voorhees- I really didn't plan on writing anymore book post until the new year. I heard great things about The Brothers Torres early in the year yet I was still surprised by how much I loved this book. This is the story of 16 yr old Frankie Thomas. The younger brother who must work at his families restaurant while his older brother, Steve gets a soccer scholarship, the girls and a car. Voorhees created a character in Frankie Thomas that many people can get behind and relate to. He's in his older siblings shadow, he's a sophomore trying to psych himself up to ask a girl to homecoming. Frankie must also decide what type of man he wants to be. This is a very well told with a strong beginning that will capture many reluctant readers. Voorhees doesn't try to do too much with The Brothers Torres, simply tells Frankie's story- thats one of the things that makes this novel so good. The Torres family lives in New Mexico. Frankie's tells us a lot about their small town Borges, its history and the people who live there. While reading this I couldn't help but think diversity in books is such a beautiful thing and I want more of it in young adult literature. There are some things that a Frankie Torres will say or experience that a Frank Towers couldn't. Everyone should be exposed to other experiences and everyone deserves to read a line that brings on that a ha moment of recognition.

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Frankie working at the restaurant

"This is our salsa especial." They raise their eyebrows, and I know I made the right choice. If you want to milk a tip from tourists, you have two options. One is to speak entirely in English, with no accent at all, so that you give them the impression that even though you're from a crappy small town, you'r still educated and wanted to make something of yourself. The other option is to embrace the culture, the langauge and the accent- and then to lay that experience on thick.

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I still haven't read this book, I really need too!!