Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blogger Credibility, Women's History Month & A Guest Post

This week Zetta Elliott's newest book Ship of Souls was released, my review. I loved the characters she created and the dangerous adventure they went on. Later this month Neesha Meminger's has a novel coming out called Into the Wise Dark. I will be reviewing this one soon. I loved the second half of the novel, and it help me appreciate all the world building in the first part.
While I look forward to mentioning both of these titles whenever I can (like I do all books I've enjoyed) I am not blind to the fact that my neutral credibility can come into question with both authors. I suppose I should've thought about not reviewing them (but I didn't, well unless I didn't like them that is) If you haven't notice in author's of color who write children's and young adult do not have it easy, and that's why it never crossed my mind to bypass reviewing Ship of Souls or Into the Wise Dark.
Some will question my neutrality as it relates to both of these reviews, which is cool because I would be a bit suspicious but all I can do is add a disclaimer and move on.

Last year Margo Tanenbaum, of The Fourth Musketeer, and Lisa Taylor, of Shelf-employed started Kidlit Celebrates Women's History Month. There were guest post by bloggers and authors throughout March. All are which are archived on the site and are definitely worth checking out. This month I am looking forward to reading new post recognizing the contributions of women in history.
Last Month author Carleen Brice was kind enough to let me post an interview I did with author Vaunda Micheaux Nelson about her newest release No Crystal Stair at her blog White Readers Meet Black Authors. Later this week I will be posting an interview Brice did with Barbara Wright about her middle grade debut Crow. Prior to that I will share my review of Crow and since I am opening up my space for the interview, I hope it goes without saying that I enjoyed the novel.

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Ashley Hope PĂ©rez said...

I think neutrality is over-rated. Honesty comes in all kinds of forms, and if you're gentle with strangers you can be with friends, too. :)