Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nikki & Deja: Election Madness - Karen English, Laura Freeman

Nikki & Deja:Election Madness by Karen English illus. by Laura Freeman
This is the four book in this series. I didn't like the last one as much as the first two and I was hoping this Election Madness would get the series back on track for me. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Nikki and Deja's third grade teacher the school is holding an election for president. Deja decides to run for president and that Nikki will be her campaign manager. From the beginning Deja is a mean and bossy friend. The class elections are announced Deja is only concerned with how many of her classmates will vote for her. Nikki wants to play during lunch recess but Deja makes her poll class votes, since she's campaign manager.

I don't remember Nikki and Deja's friendship dynamic being like this in the first three books. I am hoping this is a one time thing.

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