Saturday, June 25, 2011

Diversify Your Reading Challenge

At Diversity in YA - Diversify Your Reading Challenge was recently announced.

This summer, we’re challenging readers to read books that feature a diverse world, to read beyond their comfort zones, and to just plain dive into some wonderful stories. Our challenge will have two components: one for libraries, one for readers and book bloggers. At the end of the summer we'll be giving away some wonder book prizes donated by publishers.

In need of some diverse reading suggestions check out the Nerds Heart YA Shortlists This is the third year of NHYA, a tournament for underrepesented YA. Its currently in the first round. All the shortlist can easily be accesed on the site. Its a great way to find some new and very good diverse books.

My NHYA interview with Mitali Perkins about Bamboo People
Ari's NHYA interview with B.A. Binns about Pull


rhapsodyinbooks said...

Here's my problem with joining the challenge, which is exactly why there should BE a challenge: I have trouble FINDING "diverse" books where I live, either in the library or at the bookstore! I'm always putting in requests at the library though, and sometimes they even come through! But they've got big big budget constraints....

Doret said...

Jill maybe you can email the challenge to a few of the head librarians.

The person who send it to may not be in charge of the purchasing but they will know who to foward it to.

On Monday, I plan on sending a link about the challenge along to the head children's Librarians at one of the branches.

rhapsodyinbooks said...

I posted about it today on my blog, and continue to bombard my library with requests. (pretty soon they're going to block my I.P. number! LOL)