Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucy the Giant Sherri L. Smith

Lucy the Giant by Sherri L Smith, I read and loved Smith's new release Flygirl and from all the great reviews it receiving I know I am not the only one. So I decided to read something else by Smith. Lucy the Giant is her first YA novel. Though Flygirl was more polished ( and it should be, its Smith fourth novel) Lucy is tall for her 15 yrs, in her small Alaskan town she's known as Lucy the giant. Lucy lives with her alcoholic father, her mother left when she was seven. Lucy doesn't have the best life, she's ignored by her father and teased by her classmates. After Lucy's stray dog dies, she decides to leave her small town. Lucy uses her height to her advantages and pretends to be an adult. Lucy get a job on a fisherman's ship as a crabber. After reading this book, I think crab should be more expensive. Crabbing is a very dangerous. This is where Smith writing shines in Lucy the Giant. The time and care she takes in showing what fishermen go through and the dangers they face. Many people contribute to making this country what it is, and its nice to read a story that focuses on people who don't get much attention like Alaskan fishermen. Remember this was written before the Discovery channel show Deadliest Catch. Lucy catches on fairly quickly to the work and begins to make friends. I really enjoyed Lucy the Giant, Lucy is a very believable character.

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