Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pure Terra McVoy

Pure by Terra McVoy I thought this was very good. I liked it so much I’ll forgive the pink cover and just pretend I don't see that cherry. When I told a few of my co-workers, what this book was about they were surprised I read it. I shocked them again by enjoying it. What can I say? Good is good. Tabitha and her best friend Morgan, have been wearing purity rings since they were 12, (now 15) promising to remain virgins until marriage. In middle school they become friends with best friends Naeomi and Cara, who also have purity rings. When Cara has sex their foursome breaks up. Naemoi and Morgan both shun Cara. Tabitha must decide what’s more important a broken promise or a friendship. Religion is a touching suspect, whether its fiction or nonfiction. It’s difficult making believers/non believers, and Christians/non Christians happy. I think the author did a good job with Christianity and the Purity aspect of this novel. Tabitha is not ashamed of her beliefs and is open other points of view. I thought Pure was well written and that's what won me over. A YA novel where the characters actually have to study for test and do homework. There are moments when it felt like Tabitha got a purity ring because Morgan had one, and it was a cool thing to do. I loved, the beautiful transitions from school, to parties to church to Java Monkey. Add into that mix Tabitha dating for the first time. Tabitha falls for Jake, a boy who is not assoicated with a church. Tabitha is a very likeable character, who grew after taking a break from her best friend Morgan. I only picked up Pure because the author is local. So I figured I'd better give it a glance. Now I am happy I did. Pure would make a great mother daughter book club pick. Ages 11up.

Terra McVoy is the Assistant Program Director of the Decatur Arts Books Festival.

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Anonymous said...

That cover just put me off completely when I saw it. I wonder how the author feels about it? I'm glad that it is actually a worthwhile, thoughtful read.

Doret said...

I don't know what's worse, the pink cover or the cherry. I am leaning towards the pink.

Jodie said...

Hi Doret don't suppose you'd be interested in interviewing the author of this book for NHYA? She needs someone who can send questions out asap as she has a deadline on 16th June. If you're interested email