Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Missed Melissa Marr

When I got to the customer service desk this morning. Toni is like guess who stopped by yesterday. When she said Melissa Marr, I couldn't believe it. 1. because authors never stop by on Sunday 2. YA authors never stop by the bookstore I work at. I've given up trying to figure out why not. I think the store I work at has been blacklisted by YA authors. It probably goes something like this. One YA author to another - " Your going to be in Atlanta signing books. Well if you have any free time make sure you don't stop by Books Are Beautiful." I don't know what else it can be, its definitely not location. So anyway I was off yesterday and missed Melissa Marr. Including myself there are about six employees who read YA. I was just happy there where two Melissa Marr fans working when she came in. It would totally suck if we all missed her. They both got books personalized and said she was very nice. I have my fingers crossed that Marr was happy she stopped in and will tell other YA authors, getting the bookstore I work at off the naughty list.
Wicked Lovely #03: Fragile Eternity I am a little over 60 pages into Fragile Eternity and loving it.

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