Monday, April 7, 2008

Balancing My Kids Reading

Since I am the primary kidseller at my bookstore I have three To Be Read Lists.

The first list are books I read Just because they look good to me. This includes single YA titles I have little chance of selling. As well as my favorite authors and series.

The second list are books that have been getting good reviews online, magazine, etc.

The third list are books we have many copies of. This includes award winners, bestsellers and books that will be turned into movies. I have yet to read City of Ember but since its being turned into a movie its now on my radar. I try limit the amount of bestsellers I have to fake the funk on. If I have to do it too much, the customers may catch on.

A short fake the funk skit
Customer - So what do you think of these Warriors series
Doret - Well I haven't read any but its a bestselling series. The kids really
enjoy it (Yes I know that's redundant but I have little to work with) Its a fantasy series about cats. So if your child likes animal and fantasy books you may want to give it a try.

I hate having to do this but I also know I can't read everything.

If I am lucky the book I am reading is on two of the three lists. Balancing my reading ensures that I will continue to enjoy kidslit.

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