Monday, December 5, 2011

Lottie Paris:Lives Here - Angela Johnson - Scott M. Fischer

Lottie Paris:Lives Here by Angela Johnson illus. by Scott M. Fischer
This is a wonderfully fun story about Lottie Paris. It's very text light with no more than a few sentences per page. The story has a great rhythm from beginning to end

"Ooookay, those aren't Lottie's feet. They're Papa Pete's. But Lottie is the short one wearing his boots, cause Lottie Paris is ready to walk."

I love Fischer's very colorful illustrations. He's given Lottie a lot of personality. The text and illustrations are a perfect fit. Sometimes I forget along with her YA novels, Johnson also writes picture books which is a shame because they are very good. Lottie Paris:Lives Here is my favorite so far. I loved it.


Kelly Robinson said...

Is there anything Angela Johnson can't write? Thanks for pointing this one out --it will make a lovely gift for my nieces.

Vasilly said...

Is this the same Angela Johnson that writes YA? I'm going to add this to my tbr list.

Anonymous said...

I kinda wish those women had arms but other than that I do like those illustrations!They have a fun, gentle quality to them.
Is this Johnson's first picture book?

Doret said...

Kelly - I agree, Johnson is a gifted storyteller

Vasilly - It is the same Angela Johnson

Edi - Johnson has written about four picture books

Juana Martinez-Neal said...

I love the illustrations. One new illustrator to follow. Thanks for the introduction :)