Monday, February 7, 2011

I Beat the Odds - Michael Oher

I Beat the Odds by Michael Oher
Oher just completed his second full NFL season with the Baltimore Ravens. Even if you don't watch football you've probably heard of Oher. He's the football player featured in Michael Lewis bestselling book the The Blind Side. It was also turned into a movie. Hollywood endings are nice but unedited and unscripted ones are even better.

In I Beat the Odds: from homelessness to the Blind Side and Beyond, Oher gives his story. The early years growing up poor and in the foster care system in Memphis, to being one of the first in this family to go to college, then playing in NFL. The prologue begins with Oher going to Department of Children's and Service office in Memphis to visit his former caseworker. A lot people can take something away from Oher's story. It has a lot of cross over, teen appeal. I really appreciated Oher's honest and straight forward approach.

Tomorrow I will be posting a Q& A with Oher. I've linked this post to nonfiction Monday. This week's roundup can be found at Wild About Nature.

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