Friday, February 26, 2010

Finnikin of the Rock Melina Marchetta

Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta
I love Marchetta's writing and my expectations are always very high. Though whenever I finish her latest, I realize they aren't high enough. Which each new book, there is always obivious growth, as a reader one of the things I appreciate about Marchetta's writing. Finnikin of the Rock is her first fantasy novel.
When Finnikin was 9 yrs old, he mixed his blood with his friends Prince Balthazar, and Lucian. The three promised to protect their kingdom of Lumatere. Before their oath Lumatere was a very blessed kingdom. Soon after its attacked the king and queen are killed. An unrecognized king seizes power. A curse is placed upon Lumatere. No one can enter or exit the kingdom. Families are torn aport. Many Lumatere's are at the mercy of other kingdoms. What happen is simply known as the five days of the unspeakable.

For the past 10 yrs Finnikin and his mentor Sir Topher have been traveling throughout the various kingdoms, visiting their displaced people recording their stories. When the novel begins the two are introduced to a young girl named Evanjalin who has taken a vow of silence. Evanjalin can lead them to the one person who can help restore order.

Finnikin's travelling party soon gets bigger. They must bring along young thief, so he doesn't sell them out for a few coins. For awhile I questioned the importance of this character to the story. Though I was wrong to doubt and I should've known better.
There are alot of characters in Finnikin of the Rock but everyone serves a purpose. This novel is so beautifully written. There are passages found myself revisiting again and again. I wish I had the words to express how much I loved Finnikin of the Rock. Though I will say its ridiculosly throw down good and a favorite read of 2010. Its another great example of a YA book that should not be missed because of placement. Good writing is good writing, no matter where its shelved.

First published in the authors home country of Australia. In 2008 it won the Aurealis Award for best Young Adult Fiction

Read a Q&A via the authors site.


Anonymous said...

So so good! She's just a pleasure to read, every time. Enough so that I think I'm going to say "forget my massive TBR pile" and order the Aussie version of The Piper's Son.

Amanda G. said...

I LOVED this book! Thank you so much for recommending it. I enjoyed it almost as much as Jellicoe Road. You'll have to give me something else to read next time I'm in the store:)