Monday, June 25, 2012

Alien On A Rampage - Clete Barrett Smith

Alien On A Rampage by Clete Barrett Smith
This is the follow up to the author's excellent debut Aliens on Vacation.   Once again David is going to be spending the summer working at his grandmothers bed and breakfast, which caters to aliens who want to visit earth while on vacation.  However, this time David is excited from the start to be going to the Intergalactic Bed &Breakfast.

David's grandmother has more help, making it difficult for him to find ways to be useful.  The bed and breakfast has it's first alien employee, Scratchull.  David does not trust the condescending, and human hating (when no one else is around) alien.  But everyone loves Scratchull and since David keeps on messing up he can't convince anyone that Scratchull is up to no good.  

David is a very likable, down to earth (pun intended) character, and seeing the Intergalactic Bed and Breakfast through his eyes is a lot of fun.  This sequel has all the great elements of the first book. Smith takes it a step father, skillfully building on what he already started; once again the dialogue is sharp and funny.

Chapter One  


Charlotte said...

I liked Aliens on Vacation lots; I'm glad this one is good too, and I must go forth and find it!

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