Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Silhouetted by the Blue - Traci L. Jones

Silhouetted by the Blue - Traci L. Jones
Serena will be starring in the school play The Wiz even though she's only in the 7th grade. She lives with her dad and younger brother Henry. Serena's dad has a very bad case of the blues forcing Serena to take on more responsibilities at home. Living by the code of what happens at home is no one's business, everything soon becomes too much for Serena.

I loved Serena's voice and this story. This is the first YA novel I've come across that truly explores the topic of depression. The author handles it with beautiful skill and care. Silhouetted by the Blue could've easily become an issues book but Jones did excellent job of developing Serena's world. The readers gets acquitted with the many sides of Serena - one loves the theatre, and is able to escape the pain through acting. Another has wonderful memories of her mom, another is doing her best to hold her family togehter. And yet another falls for a boy who is always there no questions asked.

This is Jones third Young Adult novel, her debut Standing Aganist the Wind was my favorite until now. The only thing I would change is the cover, it doesn't do the story justice.

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