Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nerds:Cheerleaders of Doom - Michael Buckley

Nerds:The Cheerleaders of Doom by Michael Buckley
This is book three in National Espionage, Rescue, and Defense Society series or simply Nerds. Five fifth graders who are teased and bullied are secret government agent. Each member has their weakness tweak by a super computer and turned into their greatest asset. This time Matilda Choi aka Wheezer takes the lead on the case. Wheezer suffers from very bad asthma. Her enhanced inhalers give her many advantages including the ability to fly.

Gerdie Baker a former Nerds members has invented a device that allows her access to alternate realities. The machine is causing many dangerous rips, the end result the different earth come into contact with each other which could mean the end of all the worlds.

The team needs to find Gerdie before she uses her invention one too many times. Choi must go undercover has a cheerleader to flush out Gerdie who has completely changed her physical appearance. One of the things I love about this series, each case challenges the point team member in some way that allows them to grow.

Wheezer sees herself has a very tough, karate and wrestling loving type of girl. The thought of wearing pink or cheerleading makes Wheezer cringe. In the end Wheezer discovers there are no limits to who she is or can be. I truly appreciate that Buckley doesn't beat the reader over the head with lessons learned. It's seamlessly included with all the action and suspense. Fans of the first two books will enjoy this third enstallment just as much. This series can be read out of order. Though this series is so good, I would highly recommend starting from the beginning. Plus the first two books are out in paperback.

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