Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Search For Wondla - Tony Diterizzi

The Search For Wondla by Tony Diterizzi
I am lucky enough to work at a bookstore, where I am not the only one that enjoys middle grade and young adult fiction. One of my co-workers The Search for Wondla as soon as it came out and loved it. She said it was Flora Segunda good. Even with that great compliment I still put off reading this one. When I found out Wondla was Al Roker's next book club pick, I decided it was time. I've only heard great things about Wondla and I wasn't dissappointed.

12 yr old Eva Nine lives in an underground Sanctuary, where she was born and raised. Eva doesn't know who her parents are and she's never meet another human. The only parent Eva has ever known is a female robot, she calls Muthr. Eva is ready to explore the world above and find more people like her. Muthr doesn't think Eva is ready.

Besteel, a hunter discovers and destroys their underground home. Muthr is barely able to help Eva escape. Eva, quickly realizes all of her training has not prepared her for life above ground. Luckily Eva meets Rovender a friendly creature. Eva has entered the world where she is the strange one and the lone human. Eva soon befriends Otto, a giant and gental water bear, after freeing him from Besteel. Eva and Otto are able to communicate without words, they can hear each others thoughts.

Throughout the book Besteel is hunting Eva. It's his job to capture specimens to be studied and then mounted in the museum. With the help of Muthr, Rovender (Rovee) and Otto, Eva seeks out her Wondla and other like her. Eva's Wondla is an old torn picture of a girl smiling next to her robot.

This story was very good and a lot of fun. I loved losing myself in it. One of the best things about it, I could never guess what was going to happen. I didn't think I could care for Muthr, she was only a robot after all and in the beginning she was a little cold. But above ground as Muthr had to quickly adapt to changes, I found myself liking her as much as the other characters. One of the stories many strengths are Eva's relationships with Muthr, Rovee and Otto.

Visually this is a wonderful book and I am not talking about the illustrations (though they are nice) Diterizzi writes a fanstasy world readers can easliy see.

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