Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A New Books Are Beautiful Policy

An internal Books are Beautiful memo
Attention Books are Beautiful employees, the Shrink wrapped and over $50 corner (SWOC) is now complete. Effective immediately customers will have to give a $5 non refundable deposit to browse these titles. If they decide to purpose the item, the five dollars will go towards the purchase price. However, if the customer decides not to get the item they will have 60 days to spend the deposit on a item of their choice. There are three chairs in the SWOC, if a customer wants to take an item out of this designated area they must leave a picture ID. An employee will be staffed in this area to help customers at all times. Please rewrap all refused items and feel free to call a manager if there are any problems.

James is stationed at SWOC,

James- Hi, how can I help you today.
Customer- I want to look at a new cookbook, customer service sent me here.
James- Okay, what's the title?
Customer- Fancy Holiday Tables
James- Ah yes Fancy Holiday Tables is $70 and we have one copy
Customer- Well I want to see it
James- (I am going to enjoy this) Sure thing, I just need a $5 non refundable deposit
Customer- What a deposit? What are you talking about a deposit? I've never had to do this before
James- We have a new policy a $5 non refundable deposit is now required to look at any shrink wrapped book over $50 dollars .
Customer -I've been shopping at this bookstore since it opened. I've always just come in and taken the books off the shelves.
James ( looks to make sure no ones around, leans in to whisper ) You may not believe this but some people would take 3 or 4 of these books unwrap them and sit in chair for hours reading with no intention of buying. Its the truth I swear. We'd even find crumbs in a few, and greasy fingerprints on others. These people have ruined it for everyone else. This policy is to ensure that we have quality merchandise available for loyal customers like yourself. The five dollars deposit will go toward the purchase price of the item.
Customer- Well I don't even know if I want to get Fancy Holiday Tables. That's why I want to look at it
James ( I got you now) If you decide not to get the book, you have 60 days to spend the five dollars on an item of your choice.
Customer- What if I don't want anything? Can I get the five dollars back?
James- Unfortunately not Ma'am its a non refundable deposit
Customer- What if I can't find anything?
James- You have 60 days
Customer- Well I don't have any cash right now
James- I also accept credit cards and checks
Customer- I don't want to charge five dollars to my credit card and I don't use checks. Can you make an exception just this once
James- Unfortunately not Ma'am.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Ah, rules. Interesting!

I guess you have to combat those who use the bookstore as a library somehow. I'm sure you lose money on that type of customer and that is why the new rule.

Doret said...

Alas this rule only exist at Books Are Beautiful. If only. I don't even think its unfair. If you don't have five dollars then you should be looking at a $50 book. Books stores want to sell books, not damage out shop worn books, that people look at over and over again with no intention of buying Customers abuse book stores like there is a never ending supply of books.

Toni Campbell said...

Is Books Are Beautiful hiring? I have lots of bookselling experience.

sweeter the juice said...

Hi Doret! It's my first time on your blog and you're really funny! I would LOVE to man this section of the store...

Doret said...

When you work retail its either laugh or cry. I choose to laugh, with the occasional scream. There is a waiting list to man the SWOC