Monday, October 6, 2008

Little Divas Philana Marie Boles

Little Divas -Philana Marie Boles When I started this blog in March, I told myself no going back, no matter how much I loved a book if I read it before March, oh well. Little Divas is going to be my one exception. Originally published in 2006, Little Divas is now available in paperback. I was afraid that with all the time that passed since I read it, Little Divas wouldn't be as good, like maybe my memory of it was better than the real thing. Nope, it was as good as it was the first time. I still love Little Divas. The cover is oh so very cute, light and fun. The cover artist - Ali Douglass, the cover designer - Michelle Gengaro
Life is changing for 12 yr old Cassidy Carter. Since her parents divorced Cassidy's mom wants to try new things. She joins people for peace, going to Africa for a year. Cassidy will be moving in with her dad. Cassidy's best friend is her cousin, Rikki. Little Divas is the summer before seventh grade. Its a busy summer. Cassidy adjust to living with her dad, keeping a journal for when her mom comes home. Cassidy worries about her dad sending her to private school. She can't imagine going to the same junior high school as her archenemy Lane Benson, without Rikki at her side. Cassidy goes to her first boy/girl pool party kissing a boy for the first time. Golden, a new girl moves next door to Cassidy, Rikki resist at first but the three become friends.
Since Cassidy's dad is a musician, she spends a lot of time at Rikki's house. Rikki parents are very strict. Cassidy and Rikki always cover for Rikki's older sister, Mary when she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. Mary rewards them with items for their contraband box.

"Mary buys us peach jolly ranchers, watermelon hubba bubba, wet n wild glitter fingernail polish (and remover to erase the evidence) Teen Vogue, Seventeen and YM magazines, playing cards, and grape lip smackers to store inside our contraband box." Mary also give them some great sisterly advice like making a boy work like Paul Bunyan to get a whiff of their perfume.

Boles has written a great story many girls can relate to. If anybody knows the author, please let her know I am still patiently waiting for another Little Divas book.

"In the tradition of Judy Blume and Alice Naylor, Bole's first novel for youth is joyful, honest story of girls friendship, family and love" - ALA Booklist

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Anonymous said...

Awww... I am so humbled by your words! Thank you sooooooo much for this lovely write-up about Little Divas!! I am working on the sequel and just praying for God's continued hand in a not-so-easy industry (smile).

I appreciate you and promise to let you know when the next is available... prayerfully soon!

Love to you!