Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Summer Jackson - Teresa E Harris, AG Ford

Summer Jackson: Grown Up by Teresa E. Harris, illus. by AG Ford
Tired of being seven, Summer throws out all of her toys and stuffed animals. From now on she's a grown up. Summer now carries a briefcase, and wears high heels. The fun text along with Ford's perfect fit illustrations make this a great read aloud.

I meet with my clients during playtime. " So, what you're saying is you want to play soccer during recess, but you want to play basketball, and you want to poke bugs with a stick? Okay. Monday and Wednesday, soccer, Tuesday and Thursday, basketball and on Fridays you poke bugs with a stick. Get it? Got it? Good. That will be $2.50."

This is an excellent picture book debut by Harris. Fancy Nancy fans will love Summer Jackson. A 2011 favorite

An excerpt


Kristi Bernard said...

This sounds like a really cute and fun book for kids.

Mardel said...

Thanks for the excerpt link. Definitely a book I'd love to put in our library (and at home)

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